Best Campus Transportation: Bike or Skateboard?

Indiana University is a massive campus which can sometimes be a pain to walk all around, especially in the stifling hot late summer months or the brisk cold winters. Many students find it more convenient to either ride a skateboard or a bike around as an alternative method of transportation. Riding a bike is a better option as opposed to skateboarding for various reasons, some maybe more obvious than others.

First, on a skateboard, your brakes and energy source are your shoes. You need to wear special purpose shoes on a skateboard in order to ride safely as opposed a bike where you can wear dress shoes or any type of clothing you want. This is convenient for if you need to give a professional presentation in class that day and need to wear a suit, or if its super hot out and you have the desire to wear flip flops to class instead of the classic skateboarding Vans sneakers. Skateboarders are constantly jumping on and off their boards especially in major crowds of people, which Indiana always has around campus on class days, so you would probably injure yourself or at the very least hurt your feet in the process of getting to class if you weren’t always wearing proper shoes, and proper skateboarding shoes are not always an option or convenient to be wearing.

Second, Indiana weather is crazy and unpredictable and there are many weather conditions where skateboarding is significantly less safe than biking. For example, you would have a hard time skateboarding full speed ahead down a hill while rushing to class in the pouring rain or sleet, unless you are Tony Hawk. Even a basic commuter bike will get you to your destination safely, so there’s no need to invest in something crazy expensive in order to commute around campus.

Third, at a campus like Indiana’s bikes are much quicker because you do not need to only stay on paved roads the way you would need to if you were on a skateboard. This campus always has a lot of construction going on and it would be difficult to ever really get a smooth quick skateboard ride accomplished when you’re constantly riding over gravelly streets and pot holes. There are also a lot of hills on this campus which are great to ride bikes on both up and down. With a skateboard, every time you went uphill you would need to get off and walk up the hill instead of just being able to ride your bike up it. Indiana University’s campus terrain is just not convenient for a skateboard.


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