Blog Post 5

Although I had no one comment on my personal blog post, I was able to comment on Claudia’s and really appreciated reading about her views on the topic of recreational marijuana use. I think our difference was definitely more about a difference in logic because I just see the use of marijuana as being something that does not increase crime rates. I rationalize this thought by thinking about the fact that there are much more aggressive drugs such as meth or LSD that cause people to literally eat someone’s face off or murder someone using a dangerous weapon as opposed to the “chill” effect marijuana has on people. I completely understand Claudia’s opinion and can see why people would agree with her. I thought it was very interesting to have read someone else’s views on the issue, even it is one that I am not particularly passionate about such as this one.

Unfortunately, Claudia did not find the time to respond to my comment on her post. I would have been really interested to hear what she had to say about my comment on drugs that are much more “intense” and have led to very serious crimes and murders in comparison to marijuana. Hopefully Claudia and I will find the chance to talk about this sometime.


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