Blog Post 8

I thought this mini-unit was vey interesting to learn about. In regards to views on the world, I would say my views are very pliant. I have traveled a lot and learned many things that have changed my opinion on the way I saw certain people and places. In regards to politics, my views are pretty fixed. I have always been a liberal when it comes to social values but a Republican when it comes to economic values. I think it is much easier for someone to change their view on the world or on certain groups of people than it is to change an opinion on an economic stance.

I definitely have friends that are dogmatic as well as friends who are very “float-your-boat.” My dogmatic friends tend to clash with my other friends because they come off as being rude or ignorant toward certain issues. My “bitchy” friends definitely are dogmatic while my easy-going and light hearted friends fit in the category of being whatever floats your boat. I do think it is worth trying to change the opinion of a doctrinaire type person because I think it is important that people are open-minded and exposed to different opinions and thoughts. Even though people like to view their opinion as the best opinion, it is not always correct. I can sometimes see it in myself that I am stubborn on my views about certain things but I think it’s important to always maintain an open mind. I don’t think that we need to impose testimonials for strong unchanging values because values are something that can always change depending on the experience or circumstance someone has been through.

I think a good example of this is the topic of abortion. I have a “dogmatic” friend who had to experience an unwanted pregnancy and got an abortion. She had originally had said things like “I don’t know how anyone could ever do that,” or “abortion is basically killing a baby.” But when she became unexpectedly pregnant, they were forced to make a decision that went against her original values based on her circumstance. Watching her go through this and supporting any choice she made, I could tell that this experience made her very less quick to judge people for their choices and more accepting of everyone’s opinion on not just the topic of abortion, but all topics of life including politics and the world itself.


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