Blog 14 – Op-Ed

When people refer to Donald Trump there are many who consider him an exceptional businessman, a family man, and possibly someone who has a great potential to be America’s next president. I must politely disagree with these people because I cannot possibly view him as anything but a bigot in regards to women and ignorant in regards to foreigners. Donald Trump has made it very known that he is pro-life and has every intention to appoint pro-life Supreme Court judges and attempt to make abortion illegal, defund Planned Parenthood, and combat Roe vs. Wade. In my opinion this is wrong because every woman has the right to her body and no man nor the government should tell her how to handle it. He even intends on punishing those who have abortions which is plainly just cruel, but his chaos does not stop there.

Donald wants to build a wall dividing our border from Mexico’s because he does not want Mexicans coming into this country and has even gone as far to call them “rapists.” In my opinion, our country would not prosper as well without the hard-working people who come in from Mexico and are willing to do jobs that Americans ignorantly see themselves as being too good to do. There is nothing wrong with wanting to create a better life for yourself especially if you are working extremely hard to do it which many of them are. We cannot generically define one entire race as all being “rapists” the way Donald Trump does. If illegal immigrants not paying taxes is another big argument of his than he shouldn’t have decided to be the only Presidential candidate to not provide his federal tax returns.

Lastly, Donald simply cannot control himself and should not be trusted with the control of nuclear weapons. Throughout the debates as well as his entire life prior to running for election it has been visible that he does not respect anyone but himself and has no problem saying out of control things, interrupting people, and being very impulsive which is why he should not be in control of nuclear weapons because once the command is given it only takes 4 minutes for the missile to be launched. Donald Trump should not be President because I truly do not believe he cares for the greater good of America, will make us a target for foreign countries, and he does not respect women in the slightest.

Donald Trump: ‘Nobody Respects Women More Than I Do’


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