Blog 15 – A Disappointing Moment

Once when I was a waitress at a restaurant during the summer between my sophomore and junior year of college I had asked a co-worker to cover my shift for me because I was stuck in traffic coming back home from the beach over the Fourth of July weekend. She was about ten years older than me and way more experienced but also too the job way more seriously because it was more of a career for her. Instead of saying sure and understanding that I was doing my best to get there, she reprimanded me for having the audacity to go partying over the weekend that I was supposed to be working that Sunday and not even make the conscious effort to get back there on time. She made it clear she would not be doing that for me. I told her I understood why she did not want to cover my shift and apologized for being irresponsible, only to get a text from the restaurant manager a few hours later letting me know it was a very busy brunch day and that I really disappointed him not showing up and that I was fired.

If instead of doing it that way i had taken a different approach, I would have told her I was feeling very sick and was throwing up and physically could not come into work instead of making it seem like I had been prioritizing other things like partying. I would have tried to make her have sympathy instead of seeming disrespectful toward something she took very seriously which I did not take as seriously because I was done working there at the end of the summer and it was just easy money for me.


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