You Can’t Unring That Bell

There have been many times in my life that I wish I used the time-tested wisdom “think before you speak.” I tend to not have much of a filter, especially when i drink, but this specific time that comes to mind actually has nothing to do with alcohol and instead has to do with school. My junior year I was working on a marketing project with an assigned group. I am terrible at remembering names and my group had consisted of myself and three asian boys. For the first two weeks of our group meetings I kept forgetting their names because I was also in two other group projects in different classes and was getting everyones texts and names mixed up. One day I accidentally called one member of my group the wrong name and I said “I’m sorry it’s not my fault you all look alike!” I meant in the way that they were all wearing black sweatshirts and I had not been looking up from my computer when I talked but it obviously sounded racist because they were all Asian. I always felt a bit awkward going to group meetings after I blurted that out.


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