Blog 16 – Signs of the Time

I think the extreme rise in social media is something that could be considered a “sign of the time.” Unlike the days in which my parents grew up, it is now normal to constantly be showing people over the internet and mobile phone apps where you are, what you’re doing, who you’re with, how you look. There are apps that can even actually alter how you look to make your skin appear more flawless, your eyes appear brighter, your arms appear skinnier. The rise in social media has influenced people to make their lives look ideal and a certain way and has started to diverge from actual reality. It is the norm to try and make your life look super cool and fun over apps such as Instagram and Snapchat but then make it look tame and professional over Facebook. Each social media site seems to serve a different purpose at this point. People think the amount of “likes” you get actually matters and that all eyes are on you at all times which has created somewhat of a selfish and narcissistic culture. The rise in constantly needing to “impress” people with our lives has lowered the desire to actually live for our own happiness and not everyone else which was always a super important value to have. Superficiality has definitely increased because of social media and the extreme use of photoshop and “Instagram celebrities” who have the “perfect” bodies and lives. It also has made our society more dangerous because locations can easily be tracked and even people who you don’t know or like can find you at any time.


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