Micro Unit 17 -Violence in Horror Movies

I do think there is a strong connection to violence in movies and I do think it affects culture in a negative way for the most part. In my opinion, constantly viewing violent aggressive behavior on screen may put it in your mind that it is normal to act that way or may give you ideas on how you would like to hurt someone if you are someone who is interested in that. I think it is unfortunate that our culture has become accustomed to viewing such gory and violent things and not even flinching at the site of them. When i was younger watching movies and television, it was never a common thing to see a child killed or even brutally hurt, but now it is not an abnormal thing to see in the cinemas. Many people idolize characters that they see on screen and if this character happens to live a violent life or is a villain it could influence a certain individual to become bad as well.


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