This I Believe

The Statue of Liberty is a symbol that i will be speaking about in my transformation speech and it is a symbol that I think positively represents freedom, hope, and triumph. It stands as a strong female figure the promise of a new free life and possible prosperity to immigrants coming to America. To those who are already American citizens, it serves as a reminder to be thankful and gracious toward the country we live in and how must remain united as one under one symbol of freedom. Gamma Phi Beta is the sorority I belong to on campus here at Indiana University. Nationally, Gamma Phi Beta is a sorority that upholds four core values. These values are love, labor, loyalty and learning. Since I have become a member of this sorority I have truly noticed a stronger recognition in these values in not only myself but also in the friends or “sisters” I have made here at school. My schoolwork has improved, I have developed great friendships, and I take part in philanthropic events. My Catholic faith is another strong ideology to me. Values such as “promote the family” and “work for the common good” are things I think everyone should follow in their daily life regardless of their religion. I feel that what the Catholic faith represents is not only a religious structure of values but an influential set of social values as well. The Indiana University Dance Marathon is an annual event at IU that I think stands for great things. It brings people together who are interested in dancing for those who can’t. That idea really registered with me when I first participated sophomore year and I have taken part in the marathon each consecutive year ever since. This can be regarded as a widely supported practice. Social Media is a symbol that I use in a positive way to share the good and bad of my life with as well as my beliefs and opinions. Social Media represents the freedom of speech we have as well as serving as a platform of self expression.


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