Mini Unit 19

The symbol I am choosing to analyze is the term slut. In today’s society, a slut is a person (generally a female) who is thought to be promiscuous.The term is almost always used as an insult. A slut interacts sexually with multiple people and does not feel remorseful for sleeping with or dating multiple men at once. In other words, a slut is a woman with the morals of a man. Sometimes, the term slut is used towards women are not even necessarily sleeping with multiple people, but just used to describe someone who wears what is considered skimpy, revealing clothing. It is assumed by people who use the word that sluts symbolize a lack of self respect and are insecure.

Sluts support an ideology of promiscuity and a lower moral standard than females are expected to maintain. It’s connotation is generally negative.  In the past five years, feminists have reconstructed the word to embody a woman who is independent on her own and does not succumb to the double standard of what is okay for a man to do but not okay for a woman. Many males and even many women view this new ideology introduced by feminists to be aggressive and promoting a society where women do not respect themselves.

I think the ideology of a slut being someone who sleeps around and wears little clothing because she does respect herself is harmful and degrading to women. If someone is proud of their body they should be allowed to wear whatever they want without feeling judged or having false assumptions made about them. If a woman is not married, she has every right to experiment with men in an attempt to find the one that is right for her. The double standard between men and women is outdated and the word slut needs to stop being used as an insult directed at females.


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