Mini Unit 20

The bumper sticker slogan I am choosing to analyze is “Voting is just like driving. To go backwards choose R to go forward choose D.” This slogan would obviously be put on the car of someone who is part of the Democratic party and is very much against Republicans. When driving behind this person and reading that, the ideology that comes to mind is that liberals are progressive and republicans want to keep our country strict and cater to the wealthy whites only. The symbol of gay marriage comes to mind and how gay marriage being made legal was very progressive and a big social change for society and it is something the republican party put up a fight about. Free love and everyone being equal are ideologies of gay marriage.

Another important thing that would pop into someone’s head when reading that bumper sticker might be abortion. Women used to not have the right to even vote and now they have the legal right to decide what to do with their bodies when housing a potential human life. This is something that democrats would support and republicans probably would not based off the stereotype and what the current presidential elect speaks about today. The progression toward equality for all citizens of the United States in every aspect and topic is evidently only credited to the democrats based off this slogan.

Another ideology this represents is that republicans are selfish with their money and don’t think of the country as a whereas democrats want to tax the rich higher in order to spread the wealth throughout the rest of the country and help those living in poverty. In a reverse viewpoint, a republican would read that bumper sticker and be insulted and disgusted because they view democrats as freeloaders who just want their money without doing any of the hard work themselves. Obviously this phrase is a controversial one but it draws attention and brings a person’s mind directly to the main points it is implying at. The ideology behind this slogan of course is meant to be based more on stereotypes and extremes rather than what every single republican is like and what every single democrat is like.



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